About Liza Erotic

Liza Erotic has been writing the latest bestsellers in the erotica category. She has been at the top of her game ever since she started writing and selling erotic books. Liza Erotic’s erotic novels, erotic stories, and erotic tales are all available to everyone. Liza has over ten years experience and has written over seven thousand erotic stories and over eighty novels and has never let go of her love of erotic writing.

Liza Erotic’s works have sold millions of copies in both print and eBook formats. Her erotic novels are best sellers among all erotic writers. She has received numerous awards and recognition from the American Library Association, The Association of Women in Science Fiction, The Book Guild, The Lesbian and Gay Alliance, The Writer’s Digest and The Erotic Writer’s Circle.

Liza Erotic is an acclaimed writer with a strong following of fans and a large number of readers. Her work has been featured in magazines, online, and in books by her fans. Her writing is the hottest on the market today.

Her story is so erotic, you would think it was a work of porn. However, the story is entirely true. The writing is very descriptive and detailed, which gives the reader a true feeling of the story. She tells her story in a language that most people can understand. Liza’s erotica has always had a female fan base. The majority of Liza’s erotic stories are about sexy married women, and she even includes a few naughty stories about sexy women in a married relationship.

Liza Erotic’s stories are not only entertaining, they are arousing too. Her characters are all so exotic and different, that they will make your mind race and your body shudder.

Liza is the kind of writer that you can’t help yourself when she comes to you with her ideas for stories. This is a true writer that you want on your team. Liza Erotic has many of the qualities and abilities of any other well-known author, but she is more than that.

Liza Erotic’s erotic writing has made her into one of the most sought after authors in the world. She has become famous for her erotica, her stories and the love of her fans. She has sold millions of copies of her erotic stories to hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world. Her erotica has been featured in several television shows and magazines. She is also a member of many women’s groups and has received many awards for her work.

Liza Erotic lives in New York City and has worked as a corporate secretary for several years. Liza was one of the first female executives for Penthouse magazine. and has worked at a number of major corporations. She has always had her nose to the grindstone and worked hard for everything she accomplished.

Liza Erotica is a true professional that has dedicated herself to writing erotica for all ages and genders. Her love of writing and the love of sex has enabled her to become one of the most well known erotic writers. Liza has sold millions of copies of her erotica to over seven million readers. Her stories and erotica have sold more than forty million copies worldwide.