Ameri Ichinose – A Japanese Chef Who Serves American Food

The most interesting thing about Ameri Ichinose is that it is a well-known Japanese chef who has been cooking for people for decades. He came to America and has lived here ever since, serving as head chef at an Indian-themed hotel in California. He was one of the pioneers of fusion cuisine.

Ichinose grew up in Japan, but he was not interested in studying English until he came to the U.S.A. in his early twenties. When he arrived, there were no American restaurants in Japan, so he learned English by eating in restaurants that served Japanese food. Eventually, he decided to work in the restaurants where he was most comfortable, and that would be the Japanese restaurants in California. He eventually became a master of Japanese cuisine. As you can imagine, he enjoyed the job immensely, and soon after he left Japan he decided to open his own restaurant.

When Ichinose first started out, he only prepared sushi. But now that there are hundreds of options, including Japanese sushi, he can prepare all kinds of different things. A meal in Ichinose includes miso soup, which are based on the traditional Japanese recipe; a variety of meats and seafood, and the like. His menus are a bit different than some of the other sushi chefs in America, but still are very good.

Ichinose’s restaurant is in a historic building that was once the local library and was named after a Japanese restaurant owner, who owned the building. He was a great man and Ichinose credits him with having taught him everything he knows about making food. When Ichinose began working there, he was the only Japanese person in the restaurant. It is a bit different, because he is the only Japanese chef there, but he manages to get along with everyone.

The restaurant is also a place to learn about Asian cuisine, and Ichinose will teach you how to cook your own food at the restaurant. It is quite impressive. People can order from the menu based on their taste and they can also get a variety of different things in the way of beverages and appetizers. Some of the dishes are quite unique, and it is a bit hard to describe them in words.

If you have never cooked Japanese food before or American food at all, I would strongly recommend that you give this restaurant a try. if you can find the time to go.