Vaginal Rejuvenation – How To Get Relief From Yeast Infection With Natural Remedies

There are actually two basic forms of women’s vaginal rejuvenation treatments. Both procedures use heat. Both procedures use light therapy.

Electromagnetic (EMF) therapies: Transcutaneous Electrostimulation (TCES) uses electric currents to stimulate the body’s immune system. Light therapy: Lutein and bilirubin laser treatments use pulsed light to destroy the bacteria and restore healthy tissue.

If you choose one of the more commonly known vaginal rejuvenation treatments, you will probably need two visits to see your doctor. This can range from a week to six weeks depending on how severe the infection is.

Most of these treatments are in topical creams or lotions and require little to no effort on your part. Most women are amazed at how good they feel after just one visit. Most people would not expect to get an instant improvement in their vaginal appearance and feeling after only one visit. Some of the more expensive treatments may take twice as long to recover from.

The most common complaints of women experiencing these treatments are itching and pain. The pain and itching will fade during the course of the treatment. The discomfort may last for a few hours to a couple of days. This discomfort may be related to a yeast infection or bacterial infection. When a woman is at risk for an infection, she should consult her doctor immediately. Treating a bacterial or fungal infection before it takes root can prevent recurrence of either condition.

Another common complaint is vaginal discharge. This discharge is often gray or white, but can also vary from mild to very bad. It is normal and very manageable, though most women find that after a couple of months, they no longer notice it.

In order to treat vaginal rejuvenation properly, you will need to get rid of the bacteria. This can be done through a home remedy or by using antibiotics. These can cause some undesirable side effects, so you will need to check with your doctor first before taking any medications.

Other things you will need to do for vaginal rejuvenation include avoiding tight clothing and washing it daily. Wearing undergarments can cause irritation and can inhibit healing of the skin. Avoiding tight clothes may even cause the bleeding and itchiness after the treatment has been done.

Many women have found that home remedies are the way to go. These may be in the form of eating yogurt, garlic, or drinking apple cider vinegar. Both can kill off the yeast overgrowth and help reduce the swelling. You will find that the odor will also be gone if these simple things are done regularly.