Nana Natsume

Nana Natsume is an award-winning Japanese actress, an ex-AV idol and an acclaimed Hollywood actress. She was born in Tokyo, Japan and studied at the Tokyo Broadcasting University as an actor, before working in commercials in Japan, Britain and France.

Nana Natsume has won several awards for her roles in Japanese films and television programs. Her notable roles include “Kikiyama” in the TV series “The Saint “Lilim in “A Piece of Life”. She is known as the “Queen of the Samurai” in the Japanese television program, “Motto Toi”. She was also the second choice for the role of Princess Tiana in Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”, which she also portrayed in the live-action feature film version of that movie.

Nana Natsume was a featured dancer in the Japanese television program, “Aoi Hana”, and the American show, “Hana-Kiri”. She was also a contestant on the American TV show, “The Gong Show” in the early 1990s.

Nana has also made cameo appearances in Japanese films and Japanese music videos. In the Japanese television series, “Rakuen Alice”, Nana played the role of Rakuen Alice. She played a character who was in love with Kouta but was forced to leave town because of her husband and father’s disapproval.

Nana has been married several times and has divorced several times. The most recent divorce was from her first husband, Nobuyuki Takaya. In Japan, divorces are usually final, but in the United States and United Kingdom divorces are often subject to prenuptial agreements. It is not uncommon for a divorce to be finalized between Nana and Takaya and both parties agreeing to the prenuptial agreement.

Nana was once married to Takayuki Kawabata, who was a member of a Japanese rock band called “Shining Dogs”. She has three children with him, and two adopted children from Korea, by their first marriage. Nana and Takaya separated in the early 1980s.

In “Nana Natsume and Takayuki” in the TV series, “Kikiyama”, Nana played the role of Nana’s friend, who is in love with Takayuki, but is afraid to pursue him because of his father’s disapproval. Nana finally decides to pursue Takayuki, and they start an affair, which leads to Nana cheating on Takaya with her boyfriend, Shinya.

Nana appeared in a number of other Japanese TV series and movies, including “Kikiyama”Koutetsujou”, the latter of which was directed by Seiji Mizushima and produced by Kenji Nakano. Nana was also one of the female characters featured in the Japanese live-action movie version of the Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”.

Nana’s son, Shinsuke Natsume was born on April 6th, 1963. Nana Natsume is said to have fathered many grandchildren as a result of her relationship with Shinsuke. She is survived by her daughter, Mimi; her daughter’s children: Masayoshi; Mireko; her daughter-in-law, Atsuko; her sons: Keisuke; and Takeo; as well as her sister, Misa.