Meet Asami Owes

“Kuchiki” is a character that we come to know from the show, but there was a brief period in which he was referred to as Asami Ogawa, and that’s the one who got married. However, his real name is Kohaku, which means “beneath”underneath”.

She is an orphan who was adopted by Maki. As she is the main character, she was referred to as “Maki-chan” by the other characters. Although the other characters called her that, at the time, she was actually called “Kohaku-chan”.

It was later revealed that Maki was actually the reason Asami was adopted. Maki was the foster parent of her mother, and because of this, she would always act out as if she was adopted by Maki. Maki would give Asami a lot of attention and love, but she still did not know that Maki loved her the way Maki does.

Maki knew about Asami’s problem with her feelings for Kuchiki, but he always refused to admit that he was wrong. As a result, Maki always made Asami do things that are painful for her, but it just makes Asami feel bad, so she would refuse to do them. It became such a problem that Maki even gave her away to a group of men who have been trying to force Asami to do things that she does not want to do. This is where the conflict started between Asami and Kuchiki.

Maki wanted to teach Asami how to deal with her feelings, but Asami was reluctant to accept that her father and brother had been wrong. As Asami said, “I don’t need your love. I need my own”.

Although Maki was right that it’s important for her to grow up and accept herself, she could never do that. Because of that, Asami and Kuchiki have been fighting ever since. They still have not found peace in their relationship, and this is one thing that Asami really wishes to change.

Kuchiki is always trying to take advantage of Asami, so he always tries to make her feel sorry for herself. He would give her gifts, so she can feel good about herself, but Asami would always find excuses to say “no, I already have all this”, or “that one didn’t look good on me”. Asami has also said that she has a very limited amount of self-confidence, so she never thought she would be able to impress Kuchiki. like he wants her to.

Unfortunately, this is what Kuchiki does to everyone he meets, including Asami. Kuchiki would always see through Asami’s back and pretend to think that she is already perfect. happy, or that her situation is all her own fault. If she was able to show him the truth, she could easily get him to change his ways. but Asami does not want to do this, but if Maki wants to get her to do it, she will tell Kuchiki to do it.

Asami and Maki do not have an easy relationship. Maki always makes Asami do things that she is afraid of, but Asami always tells her that it’s okay and that she is not wrong. They both want to make Kuchiki understand the pain that Asami is going through, but there is no way that they will be able to get past their issues if they don’t talk to one another about it.