Minato Riku, A Japanese Story

One of the most beloved characters from Japanese children’s literature is the story of Minato Riku, who is the younger brother of the Emperor. The story begins with a wedding in the palace and the young prince has to leave his father’s presence, leaving the palace on his own to make his way to his new home. There he encounters a demon and is transformed into his human form. He lives with his adopted family for a few years before he moves to the United States and finally settles down in New York City. He falls in love with the young girl Mimi, but she is not interested in him and refuses to accept him.

When Minato leaves Mimi and goes to live with her father, she is so devastated that she goes crazy with jealousy and is determined to win the affections of her brother. But the older Minato takes control of the situation and convinces Mimi that Mimi is the only one for him and they must stay together. It is this conflict that results in Mimi’s coming into the presence of her brother’s true love, the woman named Shiki. In the end, both Shiki and Minato marry Shiki’s sister Megumi and become great friends.

One of the themes of the story is that Minato’s personality has come about through the influence of external factors, like the changes he has encountered in his upbringing. As a result, he becomes very determined to achieve his goals and work in his best interest. In the beginning, he tries to please the Emperor and his father, which sometimes backfires and make him very unhappy.

Minato loves music, is highly intelligent and is an excellent dancer. He also loves to write poetry and plays the piano well. He often expresses his love for Shiki in the form of poems and stories. These stories are often translated into English and published as illustrated books, especially for children.

Another theme in the story is that Minato’s life is controlled by his father. He can be seen as a victim of his father and the Emperor. Because of this, he can be easily manipulated by them to do things that are against his will. The story ends when the Emperor and his father return the favor by marrying Minato.

There is no shortage of books on the subject, but I am of the opinion that these books fail to show the depth of Minato’s character. They are primarily designed to give a short summary of Minato’s life, and the effect of his parents on his childhood and later life.