A Simple But Delicious Recipe

Meng Bai is an ancient Chinese food that dates back to the Song Dynasty. It is made with vegetables that are grown in China’s mountainous regions. The vegetables used for this recipe include potatoes, cabbage and carrots. The name of the sauce is derived from the character of meng, which means vegetable in Mandarin.

Meng Bai is usually a thick vegetable soup and contains meat, egg and beans. The flavor of the sauce may be similar to sweet and sour chicken soup, but it has been stripped of the salty taste. The mixture can be prepared using different combinations of vegetables such as boiled cabbage and carrots, boiled egg, potatoes, and carrots. Another combination is steamed vegetables with the sauce.

There are other ingredients that can be added to make the sauce. Most recipes of this soup call for ginger, scallions, vinegar, soy sauce, cornstarch and dried shrimp. Some recipes call for vinegar, dried oyster shells and fresh fish sauce.

For this recipe, you need to cook the vegetables until they are tender. Then add the meat and let it marinate. You can add the marinade by mixing it into the soup. Stir fry the meat for three to four minutes until all the marinade is absorbed into the meat. Mix in all the ingredients and simmer the soup until the meat is tender.

After simmering the soup, you can serve it with rice and some steamed vegetables. If you want to make a big bowl of Meng Bai, then simply double or triple the recipe so that you have enough sauce for everyone. The serving of this dish is very popular. It is also very popular in restaurants and food stalls that serves street food and snacks.

Although it is not very difficult to make this recipe, it is best if you learn how to prepare this delicious sauce from a reliable source because it might be more expensive when you buy it at a restaurant. You can make this sauce at home as well but you will only save half of the price.

The meat used in this recipe is lean beef, so if you are allergic to beef, then do not try this recipe. There are also many people who are allergic to chicken. You can substitute chicken for the meat in the soup. It is easy to make, but you have to cook the meat at home.

When cooking, keep in mind that it is easier to cook if you use lower cooking time. Do not overcook the meat because it takes longer to cook. If you are worried about it getting overcooked, you can just add it to the pan for a few minutes and then let it sit for five minutes before you pour on the sauce.

It is also important to note that you should make a batch to make this dish so that you can have enough for every member of your family at a party. You can make this meal on a regular basis for parties and gatherings. If there is no party, then serve it cold and make it as a dessert after dinner.