Is Pornsex Better Than True Love?

Pornsex is slightly different than what was originally meant by the question. I have seen many women in PPD and similar subs say that they hate porn, which seems odd because this has always been my experience as well. So how do you know “hate” porn and what does it mean? So how do you know “love porn” as many women still like what they see and not only that, they describe their “love sex” as far better than what you can get with porn.

There are a few differences between porn and love sex. You see many men will have a hard time relating porn to love, but it’s a lot different, and it’s not so much that porn is not as good as real love.

First of all, porn is often very explicit and you can see some really nasty things and scenes. There are no boundaries to what is out there, and women are usually subjected to some pretty degrading scenarios. There is an intimacy that comes from porn that is not available in real life. You see a woman and she doesn’t know if she will be getting pleasure from it or even feel like it is satisfying, or even being “in control”. If you watch porn you get to see what you would be able to get if you were in that situation, but porn does not actually teach you how to behave in that type of situation.

Another thing that comes from porn is that it can be very dangerous. With pornsex you may start to lose control and you may find that you have some physical problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other sexual problems that can sometimes be hard to fix on your own. While most men will be able to handle these things, you need to make sure that you take care of them before they get too bad. There is nothing more uncomfortable than having your erection goes limp in a porn session and this can lead to all sorts of problems with women in bed.

Some women may also describe porn as an escape from the real world and it may give them the “high” they need to get up off of their hands and knees and take care of everything themselves. When we talk about sex, the main thing is the pleasure and if you want to enjoy sex for pleasure you, then you can easily avoid porn sex, but if you want to enjoy it for the right reasons, then porn may be the wrong choice. For example, some people have erections that are not so large that they cannot support intercourse and others will never climax at all if the sex is done right. This is just one example of how porn can ruin sex for some people.

So as you can see, the answer to the question, “is pornsex better than true love?” is not always the same for everyone. There are some who enjoy it more than others, but that doesn’t mean you should throw away the idea of having porn and be ready for true love.